Jan 31, 2011

One Vision Board + 3 Laws = Accomplishing Your Goals

What is it?

A vision board is a very helpful tool used to implement the Law of Attraction transforming your infinite highest dreams into a reality. The Law of Attraction states that life is influenced by our thoughts. If we embrace the repetition of a thought, eventually, it will come true. By observing this vision board daily, your brain will consciously and unconsciously register these pictures and words and filter them into your everyday life.

Put simply, its a collage of your dreams and goals.

This is extremely easy to create, although it does take time. But the benefits are extraordinary.

Look at John Assaraf. He designed a vision board with a particular house that he cut out of a magazine. There were pictures of the inside and outside. These pictures triggered emotions that he adored. He wanted a house very similar to this one. He studied it everyday for a while, and then they moved. He packed up this board into boxes, along with the rest of his house, and forgot. They moved a couple of times. A few years later when they settled down in California, he finally got around to unpacking all the boxes. When he pulled out that vision board that he had made years before, he realized that he had bought the same exact house in the picture. His dream had become his reality, and he hadn’t even known it.

Look at my dad. He wanted a new car, a BMW to be exact. He created a virtual vision board with music and pictures and inspiring words. There were pictures of the inside of the car, the outside, and he even cropped pictures to make it look like he was actually driving. It showed all the features it would have from the type of engine down to the rims of the wheels. It included a navigation system, but he knew it wasn’t a requirement for his ideal car. After watching this two-minute video daily for a year, he got his car. He watched the video again, and it had everything he wanted, except for the navigation system, but that’s okay;  he had already declared it wasn’t necessary.

Look at my mom. She also wanted a new car, a Solara. At the time, we didn’t have enough money to get it. She bought a different car, and was satisfied, but the Solara lingered in her mind. She always saw the Solara, sparkling black beauty with a tan top, and always said to herself, “There’s my car.” Three years went by. She went back to the dealership to trade in her current car for a new one. The Solara that she had desired previously was on display, the exact same one. It had been  leased and was now back on the market. The price was lowered, and now she has her dream car.

The Laws 

As you can see, The Law of Attraction is very powerful. But there are other steps that go along with it of equal importance. To reach your goals, you have to accomplish all three:
  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. The Law of Detachment
  3. The Action
The Law of Attraction

As mentioned above, its determining what you want and constantly embracing it. This can be used by creating a vision board or speaking out loud what you want. These all have to be positive thoughts though.
If you want more money, you can’t say “I need more money,” because then your brain will focus on the word “need.” It will just rub it in your face that you don’t have as much money as you want. Instead, say “I have more money.” This will focus on the word “have.”

For your vision board, you have to put images and quotes that inspire and provoke a strong positive feeling within you.

After you have defined your intention, repeat and grasp it daily. Observe your vision board and feel those thought enticing emotions. Repeat your phrases with power and dignity. Don’t think to hard about it, just accept your desires, and let it be.

The Law of Detachment

This is the aspect of letting go. You can’t be so focused on attaching yourself to your goals. You have to accept that they will come true when the time is right. Put the vision board away. Go on with life.
This is exemplified in Assaraf as well as my mom. Assaraf packed his vision board up and forgot about it for years. My mom went on with her life and drove the current car she owned.

Detaching yourself will give your goals time to manifest on their own. You can only take fate into your own hands so much.

The Action

This is where you really work hard to accomplish what you want.

Create the vision board.

Look for houses that intrigue you.

Clear out space in the garage for the car.

Write the story.

Think of the most important things that you can do yourself to move towards the aspiration. List at least three, at best ten.

There is quite a lot of psychological science and research behind these techniques. This is only a scrach on the surface. For more detailed information, check out Abraham Hicks. Although he is not the founder, he has made many accomplishments and is well known for helping others achieve these practices.

Putting It All Together

I want my story to be published.
State the intent appropriately:
  • I write a story I am proud of.
  • I submit to publishers.
  • Create a vision board
  • Write the story
  • Research potential publishers
  • Design the cover
  • Create a physical book (with print on demand or more likely with a blank book bought at school supply stores)
Detach Yourself
  • Focus on the writing
  • Focus on school or work
  • Have fun with friends
  • Don’t stress over the process

How To Make A Vision Board

You can make a physical vision board or a virtual one. Both have benefits and downsides.

A physical vision board is just a collage on poster board.

Cut out pictures from magazine, print images off the web, scribble important quotes across it all. Make sure it feels like it’s in the right place.  Put pictures of the places you want to be: on The New York Times Best Sellers list, being interviewed by Oprah, on the cover of Writer’s Digest etc. This is your aspirations, where you want to be and who you want to become. Don’t use images you think you should use, but the ones that feel right. This is all about evoking a powerful feeling.

A virtual vision board may take more time, but with it you can also add music.

It’s the same idea as when you create a collage, except you implement it for a given amount of time, then move to the next individual picture. These should be the same types of pictures you use if you were creating the physical vision board. I would encourage adding music behind your video to heighten these emotions. Choose a song that brings you joy, confidence and motivation.

Reach for the stars, follow these steps and soon you’ll be dancing on the moon. Good luck.

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