Jun 21, 2011

Michelle Brooks - Guest Post

Today we have a guest post by Michelle Brooks, author of Bone Dressing. I asked her to answer a few questions on her writing style, practice, and her newly released book, which she turned into a fabulous article. Enjoy!

Jun 12, 2011

Bridges: a Tale of Niagara - Book Review

Bridges: A Tale of Niagara is a coming of age novel following the lives of five young boys looking for adventure in the depths of the forbidden falls of Niagara. After curiosity strikes from pictures in the favorite hangout, Ol' Gordy's store, they decide to cross the epic ice bridge where many others have succumbed. Yet, they overestimate their power over the natural beauty and tumble into an exploration of nature, history, and themselves.

In addition to these five unique stories, readers will discover the stories of a hermit living in the falls, newlyweds visiting the day the falls stop, memories of slaves crossing during the Civil War, and much more. These tales are woven seamlessly into the plot line of the five boys bringing a tale of many generations to life. Bridges is a story of crossing the uncrossable and emerging with unexpected, but necessary knowledge and appreciation.

As a lover of the beach and heat, I was hesitant to read this story of icy waters. Yet dk LeVick pulls you in for a chilly tale that warms your heart to these stories. I have never visited Niagara before, and had previous misconceptions that it was merely a large waterfall. But after reading this book, I'm eager for my own appreciation of the majestic waters and all its power.

Tour Notes:

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Learn more about this author by visiting his website, blog, Facebook or GoodReads pages or by connecting with him on Twitter.

May 20, 2011

In Leah's Wake - Q&A and Review

Today I am SUPER excited to feature Terri Giuliano Long and her book In Leah's Wake as part of the Novel Publicity Blog Tour! I have reviewed the book as well as interviewed Terri. The book has an excellent message, Terri is a sweetheart who we can all learn from, and I'm eager to share this with you.

And, you could win a free copy of the book! Read on for more details!

May 11, 2011

Your Every Day To Do List

Everyday you're overwhelmed. Everyday your to do list is at least three pages, and by the end of the day, it's only grown. Everyday you have too much you need to accomplish. Everyday you feel guilty about not accomplishing something, and something else, and, oh yeah, that other thing.

Today, make this your to do list. Enjoy it. And have a great day. Let me know if it makes a difference. It sure made my days a bit brighter. (:

May 9, 2011

9 Steps to Check Off BEFORE Publishing a Blog Post

When you are about to publish a blog post, there are a few things you should always check for to make sure your post is top-quality for your readers. (I forget to check for all of these things a lot, so this post is quite helpful to me too!)

May 8, 2011

30 Minute Productivity

With the abundance of information available on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads, blogs, You Tube, Linked In, books, webinars, television, email... it feels as if there's always something else you have to look at, have to learn. So you spend all day reading and watching and commenting and socializing, and then wonder where the day has gone.

Or you work diligently and hard all day on your writing. You finish a blog post, work on your novel, edit your short story, communicate with a potential client, complete necessary research, AND socialize. But your to-do list only seems to accumulate. You focus on what you HAVEN'T finished yet, and punish yourself for being unproductive.

Your brain is fried. You can't imagine having to sit down and work more. You're exhausted. So you go to bed feeling guilty of what you haven't accomplished. Closing your eyes, you try to feel the comfort of your pillow, allow yourself to rest, but your brain is screaming fragmented thoughts that you need to complete - Clean your room! Email this person! Schedule this appointment! Write the chapter!
This is bad. But it happens. We writers love our work so much that it's hard for us to separate our work and our lives, and end up working all the time, because it's fun, right?

May 7, 2011

Boot Camp in a Book - From Written to Published

Have you ever had trouble coming up with ideas for your writing? Are you having trouble creating an effective writing schedule? Do you have difficulties creating compelling characters? Or is it the plot that’s holding you back? Maybe, you have gotten past all the writing troubles, but do you know where to publish it?

The Wonder of Writing can help you through all these problems and more. This boot camp in a book will take you through brainstorming the first ideas all the way to choosing how and where to publish. The Wonder of Writing will help you go from written to published.

The Wonder of Writing is for aspiring and veteran writers, as well as any others interested in the written word. The information included will help take a vague concept to a fully published book. By discussing the writing practice as well as publishing in today’s evolving literary industry, the text provides you with information on how to write, and how to decide which publishing avenue is the best for you as it applies to our technologically advanced society. Information is abundant, and delivered in a quick and efficient manor.

You can also apply these techniques hands-on with The Wonder of Writing Workbook. The workbook compliments the text and allows you to bring the tasks to your own life in practice. By working through both, you will be on the right track to writing and publishing your work.

What's included?
  • How to Design a Productive Writing Schedule
  • How to Brainstorm Ideas
  • How to Set Realistic Goals
  • How to Create Compelling Characters
  • How to Revise the Right Way
  • How to Write an Successful Query Letter
  • How to Determine the Best Publishing Outlet for Your Story
  • Detailed Information About Today's Publishing Avenues
If you are just beginning to write, or you're looking to sharpen up your skills, The Wonder of Writing can help!

Click HERE to Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

May 6, 2011

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Freelance Writing Course

If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer, whether you're looking for full time or part time, or if you are a freelance writer looking to help your skills, you MUST take this class. I just received my membership for the Freelance Writing Course by Daily Writing Tips, and I'm already so amazed. I've read books, blogs, and what not on freelance writing, but I've already learned so much more in this class - and I haven't even finished the first lesson! 

There is TONS of content, links, bonuses, and an exclusive forum where you can share success stories and get help when you need it. I wasn't expecting the colossal amount of excellent information they have already provided, and there's more to come. 

All students begin at the same time so everyone is learning the information simultaneously, which is perfect for helping each other out with questions. There's over 200 students signed up so far, all striving to reach the same goal. That's a lot of support, encouragement, and assistance.

It's clear that these practicing freelancers teaching the course are not just a face behind the name, but real people who care about their students and their education with freelance writing. They're sharing valuable tips to help individuals better their freelance careers. And they've been so sweet and helpful already!

The doors close at midnight (GMT) tonight, May 6. It's only $97 and they guarantee that you'll earn back your money by applying the practices in your freelance business. They also have a 60-day guarantee that will reimburse you if you're not completely satisfied, after taking the course. That's a strong guarantee.

What do you have to lose? If you aren't satisfied, you can change your mind. Why not give it a shot? I'll be working at for the next six weeks. Come learn right along with me. I'm ready to be a successful freelancer, and I hope you are too!

Make sure to sign up now to reserve your spot! I don't know when the doors will reopen for applicants, but I sure waited awhile for this. Sign up while you can!

And The Winner Who Named My Owl Is...

And The Winner Who Named My Owl Is...




Lexi for short compliments of Pavarti


My owl has officially been named, and she is quite happy about it! She's quite glad to have a gender now too. :) Please email me to claim your lovely prizes of::
  • Title of Official Namer of the Owl
  • Ownership of the Owl's Name, forever
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The Lovely Winner's Badge - exclusive to ONE winner ONE time:

And Pavarti, since you were a contributor to Miss Lexicon's nickname, Lexi, I'm happy to award you a runner-up prize. Please email me as well at rachelgiesel@hotmail.com

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were so many great names, and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

May 1, 2011

The Book Will Still Live On

Kickstarter was unsuccessfully funded, unfortunately. But I'm happy to see all the support I did receive and the book will still be printed! $661 is still a lot of money to fundraise. If you pledged, I hope you decide to continue to support this project through PayPal!

If you still wanted a copy of the book, workbook, e-Book, or other services that I offer, you may buy through Paypal here.

Writing Wonder Products

Thank you for all the support and the book will still live on!