Jun 12, 2011

Bridges: a Tale of Niagara - Book Review

Bridges: A Tale of Niagara is a coming of age novel following the lives of five young boys looking for adventure in the depths of the forbidden falls of Niagara. After curiosity strikes from pictures in the favorite hangout, Ol' Gordy's store, they decide to cross the epic ice bridge where many others have succumbed. Yet, they overestimate their power over the natural beauty and tumble into an exploration of nature, history, and themselves.

In addition to these five unique stories, readers will discover the stories of a hermit living in the falls, newlyweds visiting the day the falls stop, memories of slaves crossing during the Civil War, and much more. These tales are woven seamlessly into the plot line of the five boys bringing a tale of many generations to life. Bridges is a story of crossing the uncrossable and emerging with unexpected, but necessary knowledge and appreciation.

As a lover of the beach and heat, I was hesitant to read this story of icy waters. Yet dk LeVick pulls you in for a chilly tale that warms your heart to these stories. I have never visited Niagara before, and had previous misconceptions that it was merely a large waterfall. But after reading this book, I'm eager for my own appreciation of the majestic waters and all its power.

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  1. Rachel
    Thanks for the nice review. Hope someday you'll visit Niagara