May 7, 2011

Boot Camp in a Book - From Written to Published

Have you ever had trouble coming up with ideas for your writing? Are you having trouble creating an effective writing schedule? Do you have difficulties creating compelling characters? Or is it the plot that’s holding you back? Maybe, you have gotten past all the writing troubles, but do you know where to publish it?

The Wonder of Writing can help you through all these problems and more. This boot camp in a book will take you through brainstorming the first ideas all the way to choosing how and where to publish. The Wonder of Writing will help you go from written to published.

The Wonder of Writing is for aspiring and veteran writers, as well as any others interested in the written word. The information included will help take a vague concept to a fully published book. By discussing the writing practice as well as publishing in today’s evolving literary industry, the text provides you with information on how to write, and how to decide which publishing avenue is the best for you as it applies to our technologically advanced society. Information is abundant, and delivered in a quick and efficient manor.

You can also apply these techniques hands-on with The Wonder of Writing Workbook. The workbook compliments the text and allows you to bring the tasks to your own life in practice. By working through both, you will be on the right track to writing and publishing your work.

What's included?
  • How to Design a Productive Writing Schedule
  • How to Brainstorm Ideas
  • How to Set Realistic Goals
  • How to Create Compelling Characters
  • How to Revise the Right Way
  • How to Write an Successful Query Letter
  • How to Determine the Best Publishing Outlet for Your Story
  • Detailed Information About Today's Publishing Avenues
If you are just beginning to write, or you're looking to sharpen up your skills, The Wonder of Writing can help!

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