Feb 16, 2011

Storm Your Brain

Every writer has been at that point where the idea of what to actually write just isn’t coming to them. Writer’s block, you could say. The ideas just run out sometimes, and a writer is at loss of what to do.

But there are so many ideas surrounding you, the possibilities are amazing. You’d be surprised.

To get these ideas down on paper, brainstorming is necessary. There are a variety of ways on how to do this. Do whatever works for you, but do brainstorm to get the best ideas you can think of.

Brainstorming Option #1
Think of everything around you. Who did you talk to today? What did they say? Who did you see? What did you see? Take everyday examples and transform them into something creative. What’s the story behind the 90-year old woman greeting people at Walmart? Why is your dog barking at the air? How does your next door neighbor stay cooped up in his house all the time and doesn’t leave, ever?

Brainstorming Option #2
Create a mind-map. Start with the first thing that comes to your head and write it down. Don’t question it. What does that lead you to think? Make branches off of that original thought. Think of something different and repeat. Go through everything you like, you love, you need, you want, you fear, you’re passionate about, you hate, you admire, you despise, you dislike… any kind of feeling, get it out and onto the paper. Do this consistently for a set time period and try not to stop. Then afterwards, review it and see which items frequently reoccur.

Brainstorming Option #3
Freewrite. Whatever is in your mind right now, scribble it out. Again, use a given time period and just write what is going through your mind. Sort of the same idea as a mind-map, however in this fashion it is written with paragraphs instead of just thoughts.

Call the thunder and lightning down and reignite your creative juices with electricity. Brainstorming is a great tool to use because you can always go back and reference thoughts that you haven’t used yet, or expand upon ones you have used.  Don’t put off writing just because you don’t have an idea, because once you know how to brainstorm, the ideas will never disappear. Soon, you’ll have so many ideas, you won’t know what to do with them.

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