Mar 23, 2011

About: Writing Wonder

Writing Wonder

Writing Wonder is the journey of an exploration intended to discover and spread knowledge about writing and publishing. Newbie, aspiring and published writers are welcome, as well as any others who are curious to learn about the craft.  All are encouraged to pursue their dreams and better their practice to get there.
Wonderers can easily access writing tips and tricks, techniques for improving writing skills, writing prompts, how to reach writing goals, publishing practices, industry news, book reviews, recommendations and inspiration. By providing a treasure chest full of gems, writers can use this information to apply these techniques to their lives and improve in their work. Designed as a classroom learning environment, the blog still allows the familiarity of a family setting.
Written by a dedicated writer and published author, seventeen-year old Rachel Giesel is devoted to communicating her passion and wonder of words with fellow writers through this blog. She hopes to improve her own skills and apply what she has learned to potentially advance others. The content for this blog is based on her own experience, research, and ideas. The substance will be constantly evolving as her knowledge continues to grow.
We are all continuously learning as we venture down the writing path with our passion, amazement and wonder of words. Join the adventure with Writing Wonder as a guide. At least leave feeling inspired, ready to embrace life and accomplish your dreams.

Read about the author Rachel Giesel here.

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