Mar 21, 2011

Freelance Editor Cassandra's FREE Edit Contest

So, I discovered C.A. Marshall, a.k.a. Cassandra, and totally fell in love with her life. She's an author, freelance editor and top literary agent intern. This sounds like a dream job to me! I'm quite jealous. I don't have all the lovely, talented and amazing credentials as she as, but perhaps one day I'll be at her level. I can envy until then. Anyways...

She does all sorts of edits for writers, which I'm definitely interested in, except I do not have the money to purchase any right now. But, she's giving away a complimentary edit for spring.

Of course I've applied, and I really hope I win! This would really be a kick in the butt for me, which I totally need. I love my novel, and I have high hopes for it, but I have been neglecting it. I need to get back on track and focus. Winning this contest would give me a real deadline with expectations from someone I admire, much needed and desired help with my crazy but beautiful novel, and an experience I would never forget.

We'll see how it goes. Whoever wins, sure is lucky.

If you would like to enter - and why wouldn't you? - you must register TODAY! The contest closes at midnight tonight. So go over to Cassandra's website to apply, and good luck to you.

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