Mar 25, 2011

Hey, it's Friday! And Spring Break!

This has been quite an interesting week, I must say.
  • School-wise - Pointless
  • Work-wise - Exciting! New job and quit the old one
  • Blog/Book-wise - Growing and planning and brainstorming and...
And now, officially today, I am on Spring Break!

Ah, relaxation. NOT!

Everyone has been talking all week about their vacation plans, the beach, warm weather, bathing suits, relaxing etc. Which is so energizing when you're going somewhere on vacation too. But when you're stuck at your house doing nothing out of the ordinary for break, the chatter gets really old, really fast. I'm honesty sick of hearing about the amazing trips people are going to have. Jealous.

But I'm trying to keep looking on the bright side. I have a lot of work to do, a lot of planning. This will be a good time to finish out March strong by being productive, efficient and dedicated. April 1st is only a week away, and I have set quite a few deadlines for that day. So I should stay focused and accomplish things before next month begins. Scholarship deadlines are approaching, college choices will need to be made, graduation parties will need to be planned... Okay, enough of that. This will be saved for when April actually gets here.

I guess I'm okay with working diligently. It makes me happy, and proud of what I've done.

But do you know those times when you really just need a break? When you're craving the beach so bad no sunny day can satisfy you? When you're just starting to get used to the subtle spring warmth and then the weather changes it's mind and drops from 80 degrees to 35?!

I need the warm beach.

My ideal spring break spot: St. Augustine, Florida. The cutest little town, right on the beach. Went there nearly every spring break growing up. I even bought a hermit crab from there once, and named it Augustine. I liked that hermit crab. Oh, how I miss that place.

Anyways, enough of my rant. What are you doing for spring break? If you're not doing anything, what would you like to be doing and where would you like to go?

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