Mar 21, 2011

Published as I Post

The first reprint of my first published book, The Wonder of Writing, is being published as I post! All these publishing happenings make me so excited. I definitely can't wait to distribute copies to everyone who ordered one! (If you haven't ordered yours yet, you still can!)

If you haven't heard about my book yet, check out the page with the whole back story and details surrounding it.
It wasn't expected in November, but now I couldn't imagine not have doing it. Basically, it started as a class project, and I ended up being a self-published author. Now I get to dive in the realm of marketing and publicity and selling and being an independent author. It's truly amazing, but somewhat mind-boggling at the same time, especially being seventeen and comparing myself to everyone else who is much more experienced than me. But hey, I'm learning. Once a writer, always a writer. It's in my blood. I know what I want, and I'm going after it, even if I am young.

I'm also working on designing a workbook to go along with the text. So worksheets are in the process! Some will be posted complimentary, here, but most will be exclusive to the workbook. If you like what you see, help a girl help you out and buy a copy! Details to come on this.

Anyways, I guess I'm just rambling about my excitement.  Did I mention that this started from a school class? This is crazy. As I said, not expected, but definitely appreciated.

Ah, life is insane and delicious.

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