Mar 14, 2011


The redesign is finished! After two long weeks of becoming somewhat fluent in HTML, Javascript and CSS, I have successfully designed my website. Enjoy the new look and feel that Writing Wonder has! Let me know what you think about the redesign.
Also, I've bought a domain, so no more .blogspot! Okay, not super exciting for you, but that was a great day for me!

Be sure to check out all the new features while you're here! There's not a lot of content filling up the categories yet, but it is definitely coming. Completing the website design is step one in the "Awesome Website" path. Having amazing content is step two.

No More Excuses March is going my way! This was the first major item on my to-do list, and I am loving the results.

Hope you love everything as much as I do! Make sure to stay updated as much more is to come!

Do you like the redesign? Let me know! What content are you looking forward to/hope comes out?



  1. Thanks I'm glad you like it! I worked quite hard lol I'll be sure to check out your blog too!