Apr 2, 2011

Being, Breathing, Believing the Life of a Writer

Today's Letter is B!
B is for Being, Breathing, Believing - the Life of a Writer.

What makes a writer? What are the rules of a writer, and the rules for those that admire a writer? What does being a writer mean to you? I found some great articles of writers describing their writing characteristics, and I made my own list. But the final question is, what is your definition?

Top 3 Writer Titles:
  1. Book Cook - loves figuring out the recipe of how books are written, learning the precise ingredients of plot and character, and experimenting with new spices of foreign point of views and formatting to make their stories even better.
  2. Word Nerd - loves discovering the definitions of eloquent words, mixing Bunsen burners filled with descriptions and the right word choice chemicals to achieve an innovative concoction, and uses spectacles to analyze the contents of a single sentence.
  3. Write Sprite - loves playing make-believe as someone they're not, casting spells on dastardly villains, asking those what-if questions, and running away with the possibilities. Okay, a bit of a stretch. But I tried.
Top 3 Writer's Rules in Regard to Yourself
  1. Stick to your schedule! You want to accomplish something, then put in the effort! No excuse is good enough, unless of course... NO!
  2. If you miss a day on your schedule, don't beat yourself up, feel guilty, complain, whine, cry, moan, or pout. Just accept it. The past is the past and can't be changed. Start writing now. (I know this may seem to contridict the above, yet they are both very true.)
  3. Believe in yourself. If you want to do something and have enough passion backing it up, you're able to finish what you desire. Imagine that you're already at the level you desire to be. Notice that emotion, embrace it. Do this daily and write until you've reached that emotion  naturally.
 Top 3 Writer's Rules in Regard to Others
  1. Tell me how to make my story better. Don't lie to me. I don't want to think it's the next greatest thing when it sounds pathetic.
  2. If you have to criticize, please do it nicely. Use constructive criticism and offer happy thoughts such as "enlightening the story" or "enhancing the sentence" or "perfecting the prose." And please tell me how. Don't just say "It sucked," and then have no reasoning behind it.
  3. When I'm writing, DON'T talk to me. If you do, prepare for an avalanche of angry words and a brutal head severing. 
Top 3 Writer's Characteristics
  1. Avid Reader. That's a fact, or at least it should be.
  2. Light Bulb Flasher. You know that cliche phrase when a light bulb just turns on above someone's head and they get it? These new ideas occur all the time, in every aspect of life, except when absolutely needed most. Then the light bulb must be replaced.
  3. Social Solitude. The social/solitary aspect varies for writers on opposite ends of the spectrum. But I think the average writer has a bit of a balance. The solitude is enjoyable, comforting, and relaxing, yet making new friends is always enticing. And we're definitely better at writing speeches than giving them!
A writer is different than an ordinary person. A writer has some quirk about them that sets them apart. A writer is uncomparable.
 Above all, a writer dreams.

There's a few other Wondrous posts on being a writer or being around them.
Please read these 3 for your enjoyment!

So do you agree or do you disagree? What is your definition of a writer? Things to avoid, traits, titles, rules, etc. Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. What an awesome B post, Rach! I particularly loved the 'Rules in Regards to Others'. You should make t-shirts with those printed on the back and sell them to critique groups! lol

    Love your blog, and will be looking forward to the letter 'C'. (Did I mention this challenge is insane?) :-)



  2. Thanks! You know, t-shirts would be a good idea. I hadn't thought of that, ha!

    This challenge is insane! But equally fun and a great way to find awesome people!

  3. The Rules for Others is SOO true...my family just DOES NOT get this. They wonder why I become like a female lion guarding her cubs when I'm writing...lol

  4. Great B entry! :D I am BEING a writer right now hehe

  5. Laura - That's an awesome simile: "female lion guarding her cubs." Oh so very true, ha (:

    Trisha - Don't you love "Being?" lol Whatcha working on?