Apr 7, 2011

F is for Flowers

F is for Flowers

The dull monotone of winter is beginning to fade into spring brightness. The colors are pale and innocent now, but I wait patiently for the green buds to explode into majestic colors. I long for the creamy white petals to pop from the trees. Daffodils are already springing up from their slumber. The sun is growing warmer. I realize how much I missed the feeling of tickling my bare feet in soft grass hairs. The clash of clouds signals an approaching thunderstorm. I can't get enough of the smell of rain, the breeze caressing my cheek. Bunnies frolic across my driveway. I've seen a single bumble bee, and surprisingly, I like him. {I've also seen a spider, but I REALLY don't like him.}

And waking up to the birds' melody brings me warmth and pure joy.

Every year the magical transformation of growth is reborn. Spring is a gentle awakening, bringing the world back to life. Everything is fresh and new. I feel the growth within myself; the new beginnings starting to emerge. This will be good. Everyday is the new first day of my whole entire life.

I'm anxious for the summer. I'm impatient to start my life. I'm exhausted from strenuous work. I'm anticipating the release. I'm done with the pressure. I'm finished with the early callings of school work. I'm ready to be free. I need the flowers to blossom. Right now.

But flowers take their time. They simmer slowly, taking the proper amount of time to grow before they're ready to embrace the world. The hard work of preparing to live is long and requires patience. But they know as soon as they release, it will be glorious.

Slowly the flowers will blossom into beauty. Slowly I will find my fresh freedom. I have to find my patience. Enjoy the blessings of now, and imagine the wonder of what's to come.

Everyday is the first day of my whole entire life. I'll take on today and today only. Tomorrow is just a day away, another brand new first day.


  1. This is a lovely post, Rachel.

    And I think you've got it right. Enjoy the blessings of the day. Breathe. Tend to your writing and your words and your friends and family. Don't fret too much when you stumble. And try find joy in the whole mixed-up tumble-dedumbled lot of it all.

    Do that, and you've done well.

    Side note: You've done a bang-up job on designing your blog. I think your layout is my favorite among the A to Z I've seen.

    f: first & final

  2. You write beautifully! And I also share your aversion to spiders...

  3. We had a huge thunder storm overnight here. Now the sky is blue and the greenery stands at attention. Agreed, bumble bees okay, spiders, not so okay.

  4. Hi there! I also can't wait for spring. It's slow in coming where I live, but it causes me to feel awake and alive in the same way that I see the flowers doing the same ... growing, stretching ... faces toward the sun. I'm a fellow writer and your newest follower.