Apr 7, 2011

Kickstarter Project Launched!

So I just launched my Kickstarter project, and I'm super excited! Now it's up to you to pledge and help me reach my goal!

Don't know what I'm talking about? I've detailed for you in simple questions below. Or you can go visit the page and see for yourself!

Disclaimer: The video on the page proves that writers are much better at writing speeches than giving them! (:

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website designed so individuals can fundraise for their creative projects. A person with a specific goal in mind can create a project and list a given amount of money needed to complete that project. Then it's up to backers to pledge how much money they would like to spend to help fund this project. But it's not just asking people to give and give because they feel like it. Rewards are given with specific prices as assigned by the creator. If the project is successfully funded - as in the funds goal reached or surpassed - then the money is paid and rewards are given accordingly. If the goal is not successfully funded, no money is paid and no rewards are given out. So you either reach your goal, get the money, and complete your project, or you don't reach your goal, don't get any money, and hope for a different avenue to find funds for the project.

What is your Kickstarter project?
I'm striving to raise $2,000 to self-publish many copies of my book, The Wonder of Writing, its correlating workbook, and turn it into an e-Book so it can reach a wide audience as quick as possible. I'm looking for backers to pledge and help me turn my dreams into a reality.

What do you mean, pledge?
By backing a project and pledging that you will pay a certain amount of money if the project is successfully funded, you are not charged at the time. You are only charged if and when the project is funded.

How much do I have to pay?
The choice to back a project is entirely up to you. Minimum donation for my project is only one dollar. The rewards start at five dollars.

What do I get out of this?
Well for starters, you are helping a young aspiring author encourage writing and publishing within other authors by publishing these books. You will feel the warm goodness in your heart of being a great person and supporting a valuable and unique production.

Depending on your level of pledge, you will receive a certain reward as well.

For a $5 pledge, you will receive a handwritten postcard with the cover of the book on one side.
For a $35 pledge, you will receive both the book and the workbook.
For a $100 pledge, you will receive a consultation about your work-in-progress, signed copy of LIMITED EDITION book which is only available through this project, the workbook, and the e-book.
For a $1,500 pledge, you will receive the Gold Level of Supporting Young Authors Award. Your name published in the preface of the limited edition book with your level of support. Limited edition will include an exclusive section devoted to creating the plan for marketing your book. A consultation, general review, and full edit of your work-in-progress. Signed copies of the books and workbook, the e-book. And an exclusive one-on-one creative planning and workshop in your area for your school class or writing group. (What an offer! Not sure if anyone will go for this, but it's available!)

For a list of all the rewards, check out the Kickstarter Project page.

Can I start my own project?
Of course! Request an idea through the Kickstarter start-up page and get going! I'll tell ya what. You support my project, and I'll definitely support yours! (:

My Kickstarter project started today and will run till April 30. That's a little over three and a half weeks long. This is a truly unique way to help out a fellow writer who is trying to help other fellow writers. Please support if you're interested in purchasing a book, sometime, ever! This is a way to help me get off the ground and go big with my book. So pledge now! And thank you!

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