Apr 1, 2011

Name My Owl and Short Story Contests!

Write Wonder and Win Wondrous Prizes!

To celebrate my up and coming book, website, and freelance writing and editing business, I'm hosting two contests with extraordinary prizes. Enter one, enter both! Enter them multiple times! Details are below. Get excited, get creative, get submitting, and enjoy!

Name My Owl Contest:

If you have not yet seen the newest member of the Writing Wonder world, here he is!

Cute little fellow, isn't he? Well, he might be a she, as he/she/it doesn't have a name yet. But we can't have a nameless owl!  Submit your choice of this owl's name along with a reason why you chose it. I will select the top 3 choices by April 18, and then YOU will vote for the final decision. The winner will name the owl of their choice. This is a one-time contest; once he's named, that's it. Help decide the name of my owl now, as you'll never get another chance.


  • Post your entry in the comments
  • You must submit your entry between now and April 15 at 9 pm EST
  • You may vote on the top 3 names from April 18-April 30 at 9 pm EST
  • You must be following the blog
  • Must submit a name and a reason why
  • You may enter multiple names if you choose
  • Title of Official Namer of the Owl
  • Ownership of the Owl's Name, forever
  • Exclusive winner's badge for your website (see below!)
  • Option to be a guest blogger for May and June
  • FREE copy of my book, The Wonder of Writing
  • FREE edit of your choice on your current work-in-progress
The Lovely Winner's Badge - exclusive to ONE winner ONE time:

But wait, there's more! Another contest you can enter!
I told you this was a celebration...

April Short Story Contest: Bring a Ghost Story to Life

Write a ghost story - whether it be well-known, or completely of your own design - from the scene of the crime. Write what happened prior, during, and/or after. Show the ghost in existence somehow. It can be from when the ghost died and his/her perspective of life, or someone investigating a ghost myth. Just show the ghost in a creative way.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Although I've never seen a ghost, I believe in they do exist and I love to unravel their backgrounds. I'm currently working on a short story derived from a myth near my home town. It's been proven false, but I adore the idea of it. I still wish it could possibly be true.

So bring on the ghosts!

  • Post your entry in the comments or email to me at rachelgiesel@hotmail.com
  • You must submit your entry between now and April 15 at 9 pm EST
  • You must be following the blog
  • You may enter more than once if you choose
  • Story must be 2000 words or less
  • Story must revolve around the prompt: bringing a ghost story to life
  • Story must be entertaining, well-written, and creative
  • Story must include a ghost in some way
  • Story featured on the blog
  • Winner's badge for your website (see below!)
  • Option
  • FREE edit of your choice on your current work-in-progress
  • FREE copy of my book, The Wonder of Writing
  • to be a guest blogger for May and June
The Lovely Winner's Badge:

Oh, you're interested now, aren't you? Get writing! And win while you can!


  1. This is a great contest. I think you should name the owl Moon Light because owls always come out at night.

    Okay I just became a follower, so you should follow my blog as well.

  2. Oh I just thought of another name. Blue Moon, because from the picture above he has blue wings.

  3. Othello. Since we are talking about great writing and literature. It worked for Shakespere. ;)

    Eme' Savage

  4. OwlRugula :)
    Howl the Wonder Owl

  5. Awesome names! Keep them coming! (:

  6. Ohhh Ohhh, George the Fowl Owl!

  7. Love this contest idea. I just might have to do something similar. It's awesome!
    Names, names...

    How about:

    I'll let you know if I think of others

  8. i have a few names for him/her:
    Winkle because...well...it just sounds good to me.
    Surely (i think you know why for that one;) )
    Misty because when i think about owls i think about misty nights in the forest.
    Wishew because i think of stars when i think of night and stars make me thin kof wishing and i just added the -ew at the end to make Wishew.

    If i think of more i'll tell you later:)

  9. Just some ideas...

    Wiley (because it sounded cool.)
    Starlight (owls come out at night)
    Lullaby (owls come out at night, and, at least I think so, pretty quiet/peaceful creatures)
    Ocelanda (The Ocean is blue, her wings are blue)

  10. Ah! I'm loving this! You all come up with such amazing names! I hope you're all interested in submitting a short story too! (:


  11. Lexicon Owl

    Words are essential for writing and Lexicon Owl has a dignified ring to it. I like your site and the whole concept you've developed.


  12. Might be a tad dull, but I like the name Henrietta for an owl!

  13. I LOVE laglias suggestion of Lexicon, what about Lexi? (if you chose that laglias should be the winner not me) :)

  14. I like the name Adlebert,
    I know it sounds really nerdy BUT i think it is a cute name for an owl and it gives him a unique name and a personality.

    Or the name Cassie.
    I like the name Cassie, if you would prefer it to be a girl. I think Cassie is a fun and bubbly name. It is really cute and perfect for a fluttery little owl!

    ~ Christy C

  15. Great contest!

    William O. Watchword of course you could call him W.O. Watchword for short or just plain WOW (of course the "O" in the middle stands for Owl.

    The derivation of the name incorporates Watchword, which is...
    1.a word or short phrase to be communicated, on challenge, to a sentinel or guard; password or countersign.
    2.a word or phrase expressive of a principle or rule of action; slogan: Conservation has been our watchword.
    3.a rallying cry of a party, club, team, etc.

    This would put some real meaning behind his name, sort of like your rallying cry for all writers out there.

    W.O. Watchword

    thanks for the opportunity, Jim Devitt